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Fly Ash as a Material for Thermochemical Energy and CO2 Storage

Metal Composition in Waste Combustion Ashes and their Recovery

Metals and Minerals: Opportunities for Improved Recovery from Dry-Discharged Bottom Ash

Utilization of Incineration Bottom Ash in Road Constructions

Utilisation of Incinerator Bottom Ash and Respective Legal Requirements in the EU, Norway and Switzerland (peer reviewed paper)

Mercury Separation by Chemisorption – A View from Industry and Science

Continuous Mercury Emission and Process Monitoring

Different Industries – Different Technologies? – Seawater Scrubbing for Power Plants and Cruise Ships –

Improving the SO2 and HCl Removal Efficiency by 30 % in Existing Dry FGC without any Capital Investment – On-Site Observations and Results on Latest Developments –

Integrated Technology for NOx and Dioxin Removal Inside WtE and Biomass Boilers

Complying with the New EU NOx Emission Standards – Combining Advanced SNCR Technologies –

Innovative Process Experience for Simultaneous Acid Gases Removal and Slagging/Fouling Reduction in Waste-to-Energy Boilers

Operation and Use of Sulphur Burner

System Stability of a Boiler Tile System – A Matter of the Greatest Importance

Corrosion in Recycled Wood Combustion – Theory and Solutions –

Fouling Textures and Micro-Milieus Determine High Temperature Chlorine Corrosion in Power Plants Fired with Waste or Biomass

Flue Gas Treatment for Sewage Sludge Incinerators – Concepts and First Results from Plants in Operation –

Solutions of Sewage Sludge Mono Combustion with an Integrated Rotary Kiln in an Existing Waste to Energy Plant

Possibilities to Integrate Sewage Sludge Incineration into Municipal Solid Waste Incineration Facilities

Status Quo, Management and Planning of Sewage Sludge Treatment Plantsin Kuwait/the Gulf States

Sustainable Solutions for the Thermal Treatment of Sewage Sludge –Visualized by the Showcase Bitterfeld

Up-to-Date Approach for Thermal and Material Treatment of Sludge

Do We Need Pretreatment or Refuse Derived Fuel for Energy-from-Waste?

Integrated Waste-to-Energy in Albania – The Municipal Solid Waste Project in Tirana –

Grain Size Dependent Distribution of Contaminants in Coarse-Shredded Commercial Waste – As, Cd, Co, Cr, Hg, Ni, Pb, Sb, and Cl (peer reviewed paper)

Overview of Best Available Techniques for Mechanical Biological Treatment of Residual Municipal Solid Waste

Evaluation on Physical and Chemical Properties of Aviation Biofuels from Corn Straw Oil by Hydrothermal Liquefaction Based on Chemical-Biological Pretreatment

Efficiency and Performance Assessment of Waste-to-Energy Melting Gasification in Relation to the EU Waste Framework Directive

Evaluation of Recent Developments Regarding Alternative Thermal Waste Treatment with a Focus on Depolymerisation Processes

Medical Waste Management in Developing Countries

Combustion of Persistent Organic Pollutants (POPs) in the Hazardous Waste Incineration Plant in Izmit

Methanol Production at Waste to Energy Plants

Opportunities for CO2 Capture in the Waste-to-Energy Sector

Dynamic Plant Simulator – a Virtual Reality Twin to Model WtE Plant Behaviour and to Train Operators

Engineering Model Development with Artificial Intelligence

Operating Experience with Plants with High Steam Parameters

Analyzing the Optimization Potential of Steam Production in Waste-to-Energy Plants: Examples by Evaluating Data from Three Different Plants (peer reviewed paper)

Fuel-Specific On-Load Boiler Cleaning Solutions for WtE Plants

Upscaling Combustion Grates – Technical Challenges

Engineered Solutions for the Tuning of Existing Waste-to-Energy Plants

Size Matters: The Construction of the World’s Largest Waste-to-Energy Plant in Dubai

Copenhill – a Showcase for Technology, Environment, and Integration with the City –

Waste Management Situation in Beijing

Eco-Indicators for Municipal Waste Management of Istanbul: A Historical Perspective

Waste Management Scenario in India and Progress in the Field of Waste-to-Energy

Waste-to-Bioenergy Potential and a New Market in Turkey

Albania – the First Balkan Country with an Incineration Plant

United Kingdom Energy from Waste Statistics

Operation of Three Waste-to-Energy Plants in Paris – Experience of a Major European Municipal Solid Waste Public Authority and Outlook on Strategic Development Projects –

Belgrade Public-Private Partnership – How the Private Sector Helps in Converting Belgrade Dumpsite into an Integrated Waste Management Facility

Typical Project Structures in the Waste-to-Energy Business – EPC, EPCM, BOT, BOOT and PPP/PFI –

Realizing a Waste-to-Energy Project – How to Start

Final Version of the Reviewed Best Available Techniques Reference Document (BREF) for Waste Incineration and Steps Towards Implementing BAT Conclusion in EU Member States

A Vision for Waste-to-Energy in 2050: Clean Technologies for Sustainable Development

Waste-to-Energy Roadmap towards 2035

Inverse Production Line for the Automated Dismantling of Mobile Phones with Selective Laser-based Detaching and Sorting of Valuable Components

Adapting for the Future: Bringing New Life to Industrial Steam Turbines in Changing Markets

Mobile Industrial Dust Collector Risk Management

Waste Heat Recovery for District Heating – a Hot Topic at a Low Temperature –

Return of the Experience in Two RDF Waste-to-Energy Plants in Italy

Qualification of Alternative Systems for the Thermal Conversation of Municipal Solid Waste

Improving the Energetic Self-Sufficiency of Waste Water Treatment Plants – Tool for Needs-based Configuration of the Thermal Sludge Gasification Process

Current Status, Waste Management Strategies and Planning in Finland

Waste Management in Bosnia and Herzegovina – Current Situation and Perspectives –

Automated Radiation Pass Cleaning in Waste-to-Energy Plants – Experience from More than 70 Shock Pulse Generator Installations –

Corrosion of Boiler Materials in the Presence of K-, Pb- and Zn-chlorides at 300 and 350 °C – Laboratory Tests with and without SO2 –

Methods for Optimized On-Line Cleaning

Boosting Boiler Efficiency and Availability through Fouling Management

Ceramic Coating of Superheater Tubes and Extended Experiences in WtE Boilers as Alternative to Nickel-based Protection

New Silicon Nitride-Bonded Silicon Carbide Tile System for Waste-to-Energy Boilers – Implemented Optimisations in Installation, Process (Heat Transfer) and Service Life

Refractory Engineering for Waste-to-Energy Plants – Challenges and Solutions of New Constructions and Maintenance –

Problems with Biodegradable Wastes – Potential in Myanmar and Other Asian Countries for Combination of Drying and Waste Incineration

Mining Incinerator Bottom Ash for Heavy Non-Ferrous Metals and Precious Metals

Current Status, Waste Management Strategies and Planning in Kuwait

Municipal Solid Waste Management in India – A Critical Assessment

Mechanical-Biological Waste Treatment Plants in Croatia

The New National Action Plan for Waste Management 2016 to 2023 of the Republic of Turkey

Possibilities of Waste Derived Fuel Use in the Energy Sector in Poland

Hazardous Property HP14 of MSWI Bottom Ash

Recovery of Phosphorus in Sewage Sludge Treatment

Processes and Techniques for the Treatment of Sewage Sludge

Treatment of Sewage Sludge in Europe: Status Quo and Perspectives of Energy and Phosphorus Recovery – Illustrated by the Example of Selected Countries

Location Based Solutions for Thermal Sewage Sludge Utilization and Phosphorus Recovery – Current Projects at EVN/WTE/S2E

XMercury – Mercury Removal System Using a Split Preheater – First Experiences in the Cement Industry

Bromine-enhanced Mercury Emissions Control at Divers Waste Incineration Plants in Germany and France

Improved SNCR Performance by Means of Innovative Control Concepts

Influence of New WI-BREF on the Concepts of Flue Gas Cleaning in the Future – What Will Change?

History of Flue Gas Treatment for Waste Incineration Plant IVOO since 1981 to the Present

Sewage Sludge – Fluidized Bed Incineration as a Reliable and Proven Treatment Process

Capacity, Efficiency and Emissions: Pushing the Limits of Energy-from-Waste Plants

Project GOLEM: New Construction and Modernization of the Existing Plant in Prague/Czech Republic

Technical Concept and Energy Management of the Tampere Waste-to-Energy Plant in Finland

Why Major Projects Fail – A Snapshot on Deal Killers, Disruption of Projects and Project Related Dispute Resolution in the WtE-Sector

Energy-from-Waste (EfW) Project Development EPC Contractor & O&M Contractor as One-Stop-Shop?

China’s Green Economy: Corporate Acquisitions and Political Strategy

Biofuel from Biomass Waste – Status and Prospects in China –

Relevant Thermochemical Processes in Biomass Fired Power Plants

Best Available Techniques (BAT) Reference Document (BREF) for Waste Incineration – Status and Last Steps of the Review –

International Perspectives of Energy from Waste – Challenges and Trends

The Role of Waste-to-Energy (WtE) in the EU’s Long-Term Greenhouse Gas Emissions Reduction Strategy

The Impact of New EU Legislation on Waste-to-Energy


Waste Management Situation and Perspectives in Bosnia and Herzegovina

Planning, Construction and Operation of Mechanical-Biological Waste Treatment Plants – Experience Gained in International Projects –

15 Years of Operating Experience with Thick Nickel Plating Electrolytic Nickel Coated Tubes in Waste Incineration Plants – Protection against Corrosion –

Get to Know the Corrosion Mechanisms in Waste-to-Energy Plants

Capturing of CO2 in Waste Incineration Plants towards Power2Fuel

Role of Pyrolysis in Distributed Town-Scale Energy Systems and Research Results from a Pre-commercial Facility Processing Waste-derived Feedstocks

Early Fire Detection and Automatic Extinguishing in Waste-to-Energy Power Plants and Waste Treatment Plants

Innovative Technical Solutions for Reduction of Waste Fuel Specific Emissions in Cement Plants

Dry, Semi-dry or Wet – Which System Fits Best Depending on the Overall Conditions? –

SNCR Technology to Meet Challenging NOx Reduction Requirements

Low-Temperature SCR – Intelligent and Cost-Effective Regeneration without Excess Emissions –

Flue Gas Cleaning in Waste-to-Energy – Best Available Technology –

Ready-to-use Sodium Bicarbonate in Flue Gas Treatment – Experience Feedback –

Mercury Removal by Chemisorption

Ceramic Coating in a High-Pressure WtE Steam Generator – Operational Experience in Zabalgarbi Plant in Bilbao –

Energy Recovery from High Calorific Fractions by Incineration Together with Sewage Sludge in the Fluidized Bed Furnace in Simmeringer Haide

Optimization of Plant Operation by Means of Technical Service

Approach to Optimize Energy Efficiency

Revamping Projects in the Waste-to-Energy Boilers in Brussels, Paris and Rome

Think Global – Act Local: A Common Approach for International Projects and Local Markets

Impact of EU Legislative Developments on the Waste-to-Energy Sector

Waste-to-Energy Implementation and other Investment Opportunities in the Greek Waste Management Sector

How Oxfordshire County (UK) Managed to Close Its Landfill with a Successful Association of Material-from-Waste and Energy-from-Waste Solutions

Brexit – Effects on European Waste Management

Status of Planning and Construction of Gasification Plants in the United Kingdom

Operating Experience from Japanese Waste Gasification Plants with Direct Melting System

Achieving a Closed Carbon & Circular Economy for the Waste Management Sector – Net Zero Emissions, Resource Efficiency and Conservation by Coupling the Energy, Chemical and Recycling Sectors –

Waste Management 4.0 at the North/South/West/East Viewpoint

Waste Management: A Playground for Utopians and Charlatans

High Calorific Fraction for Energy Recovery in Poland – an Overview of the Current Situation

Single Stage Processing of Waste for Cost Efficient RDF Production

Progress on Implementing an Advanced Waste Management System in the Czech Republic

What are the Preconditions and Drivers for the Development of Waste Management in a Country?

Waste Management Projects in Emerging Markets: Risks and their Minimization

Problematic Development of Implementation of WTE Projects in Slovakia

Camera Based Optimization of Multi-Fuel Burners for the Use of Substitute Fuels in the Cement Industry

Feasability Study of Capturing CO2 from the Klemetsrud CHP Waste-to-Energy Plant in Oslo – Carbon Capture and Storage in Norway and Europe

New Waste-to-Energy Facility Energy Works Hull, United Kingdom

Resource Recovery from Waste Using the Input Flexibility of Waste Gasification Technology

Innovative Application Methods of Slags from High-Temperature-Gasifying-and-Direct-Melting System

Overview of the Pyrolysis and Gasification Processes for Thermal Disposal of Waste

Regenerative Thermal Oxidation in the Cement Industry – Technology and Operation –

Manufacturing of Solid Recovered Fuels (SRF) for Energy Recovery Processes

Modelling of Solid Recovered Fuel (SRF) Properties Based on Material Composition – Chloride Quality

Plastics Recycling and Energy Recovery Activities in Poland – Current Status and Development Prospects –

Refuse Derived Fuel – A European Market Heading for Overcapacity

Fully Automated Sorting Plant for Municipal Solid Waste in Oslo with Recovery of Metals, Plastics, Paper and Refuse Derived Fuel

The Market for Mechanical-Biological Waste Treatment Plants in Europe

How to Optimize Recycling Rates Using Waste Incineration

Feasability Study of Capturing CO2 from the Klemetsrud CHP Waste-to-Energy Plant in Oslo

CO2 Capture and Re-Use at a Waste Incinerator

Use of a Fabric Filter for the Sorption – What Has to be Considered? – Experiences and Solutions –

New Developments for an Efficient SNCR Monitoring and Regulation System by Evaluating the NOx Mass Flow Profile

Significance of and Challenges for Flue Gas Treatment Systems in Waste Incineration

Infrasound Solution for Fouled SCR and the Economizer in World’s Largest Waste-to-Energy Boiler

Application of Modified NiCrMo Alloy Systems for Boiler Tube Surface Protection in Waste-to-Energy Environments

Disposal of Carbon Fiber Reinforced Polymers – Problems During Recycling and Impacts on Waste Incineration –

Enhancing of the Energy Efficiency of an Existing Waste Incineration Plant by Retrofitting with a District Heating Network

Initial Operating Experience with the New Polish Waste-to-Energy Plants

Development of Waste-to-Energy Projects

The Added-Value of the Balance Method for Waste-to-Energy Operators and National Authorities

Complex Approach towards the Assessment of Waste-to-Energy Plants’ Future Potential

Future Development of Waste Management in China According to the 13th Five-Year Plan

Waste Management in India and Experience with the Implementation of Projects Based on Public Private Partnership Model

Development of Waste Management in the Arab Region

Overview of the Waste Management Situation and Planning in Greece

Measures to Implement an Advanced Waste Management System in the Czech Republic

Possibilities of Development of Municipal Waste Recycling and Incineration in Poland

Wrong Tracks in Waste Management

International Experience of Risks Sharing Between Public and Private Entities in Energy-from-Waste Plants Construction

Current Developments in European Waste-to-Energy

Growth Potential for Energy-from-Waste Plant Operators in the European Union and Beyond

Review of the Best Available Techniques Reference Document (BREF) for Waste Incineration – What is the Current Status?

Brave New World – Selected Jurisdictional Pitfalls when Acting on International Waste-to-Energy Projects

Destruction of the Flame Retardant HBCD in a Full-Scale Municipal Solid Waste Incinerator

High-Temperature Gasifying and Direct Melting System for Energy and Material Recovery from any Type of Wastes

Shaft Furnace Type Gasification and Direct Melting System – Technology, Input Flexibility, Operational Characteristics and Emissions –

Pyrolysis and Gasification – State of the Art

Production of Solid Recovered Fuels (SRF) in the ThermoTeam Plant in Retznei, Austria – Experience, Quality and Quality Assurance of SRF –

Mechanical-Biological Treatment Plant in Hanover, Germany – Experience in Mechanical Processing, Anaerobic Digestion and Refuse Derived Fuel Quality –

Mechanical-biological Stabilization Plant in Trier – Biological Drying and Recovery of Recyclable Materials –

Change of Mechanical-Biological Waste Treatment in Austria

Mechanical-Biological Treatment of Municipal Waste in Poland – Dominating Technologies and their Efficiency in Diverting Waste from Landfills –

Real-time Analysis of Solid Recovered Fuels using Sensor Technology

Mechanical-Biological Waste Treatment and Utilization of Solid Recovered Fuels – State of the Art

Survey on Synergies for Improved Ash Treatment at Several Bavarian Waste-to-Energy Plants

Advanced Urban Mining: A Summary of the State of the Art of Metal Recovery out of Dry Bottom Ash

Treatment of Bottom Ashes of Waste-to-Energy Installations – State of the Art –

Simple and Effective – the Conditioned Dry Sorption Process for Flue Gas Treatment Downstream Waste Incinerators

New Developments of an Effective SNCR Control System Incorporating the NOx Mass Flow Profile

SNCR for Low NOx Emissions – Case Study of a Swedish Waste-to-Energy plant

Flue Gas Treatment – State of the Art

Decentralised Waste Incineration Plant R.Vandhoo in the North of the Maldives – Project Experience, Energy Use and First Operation Results –

Operating Experience from the World Largest Waste Fired Circulating Fluidized Bed Reactor in Västerås

Thermal Waste Treatment Plant Spittelau – New Construction to the Existing Plant –

Cost Optimization through Use of Flexible Grate Systems in Combination with Modern Boiler Concepts

Waste Incineration Plants – State of the Art

Waste-to-Energy in China: Status and Prospects

Markets for Solid Waste Management in Arabic Countries

The Roadmap of Turkey on Waste Management

State of Municipal Waste Management in EU Member States Depending on the Standard of Living

Situation and Waste Management Strategy of the Czech Republic and Experience in Planning, Construction and Operation of WtE and SRF Plants

Possibilities of Development of Municipal Waste Recycling and Incineration in Poland

Waste-to-Energy Projects in Emerging Markets: Lessons Learned from Realized International Projects

How to Derive BATAELs from Operational Values for the Waste Incineration BREF Revision? – A Proposal –

Review of the Best Available Techniques (BAT) Reference Document (BREF) for Waste Incineration – Current Status and Trends –

Current Developments in European Waste-to-Energy

Optical Sorting for the Recovery of Glass from WIP Slags – Pilot Plant in Bratislava –

ADR – a New Method for Dry Classification

Mechanical-Biological Stabilisation Plant in Fusina near Venice/Italy (260,000 t/y) – Twelve Years of Operating Experience –

Best Available Techniques (BAT) for Mechanical-Biological Waste Treatment Plants

Turkey Achieves EU Standards till 2023

Waste Generation and Disposal Methods in Emerging Countries

A Guidebook for Sustainable Waste Management in Latin America

Paradigm Shift in the British Waste Management Sector – from Landfilling to Incineration –

Experiences in new EU Accession Countrie

Impact of Operation Mode and Design on the Energy Efficiency of Waste Combustion Plants

Balancing and Energy Efficiency of Waste Treatment Processes

Waste-to-Energy Plant Krakow – On the Status of Thermal Waste Treatment in Poland –

Waste-to-Energy Plant as Part of Combined Heat and Power Strategy – Using the Example of the Klaipeda Case –

Waste Management in the Metropolis of Istanbul – Waste Incineration and Energy Production Facility in Istanbul –

Opportunities to Improve the Energy Efficiency of Energy-from-Waste Plants

A Zero-Waste and Energetically Optimized Waste-to-Energy Concept – The Santo Domingo Este Waste Treatment Plant –

Waste Availability, Successful Regional Strategies and New WtE Projects Shaping – The Benefits and Application of the Optimization Tool NERUDA –

Waste Gasification Technology with Direct Melting for Energy and Material Recovery

Use of Solid Recovered Fuels in the Cement Industry

Concepts for Processing Solid Recovered Fuels of Different Waste Origins for Waste-to-Energy Plants

The Biobattery – Integrated Heat and Power Generation from Biomass Residues and Waste –

Ecoefficiency Comparison of the Anaerobic Digestion, Composting and Incineration of Bio-Waste

Application of Anaerobic Digestion for the Treatment of Municipal Solid Waste in Several Projects

Biogas Utilisation in Berlin

Review of the Best Available Techniques Reference Document (BREF) for Waste Incineration and Interactions with other BREFs

Assessment of Dry and Semi-Dry Sorption Procedures on the Basis of Practice-Related Examples from the Field of Incineration Plants from the Field of Incineration Plant

Flue Gas Cleaning Today – Available Technologies and Latest Developments –

Thermal Waste Treatment Plant Spittelau – New Construction to the Existing Plant –

State of the Art of Alternative Thermal Waste Treatment Processe, Pyrolyse,

Refuse Derived Fuel Gasification Technologies for High Efficient Energy Production

Reviewing EU Waste Legislation: A Stepping Stone Towards a Circular Economy

Layout Planning of Waste-to-Energy Plants

Incineration is a Process Step in Recycling Processes

High Efficient Waste-to-Energy Facilities

Incineration – an Indispensable Element of a Responsible Waste Management

The Development of Waste Incineration in Europe

Current developments in European Waste-to-Energy

Thermal Treatment of Sewage Sludge – Pyrobustor

  • Thermische Klärschlammbehandlung – Der Pyrobuster

    Réka Tittesz and Uwe Neumann (2011)

    English | Deutsch

Co-Combustion of Sewage Sludge in Grate-Based Combustion Plants

  • Mitverbrennung von Klärschlamm in Rostfeuerungsanlagen

    Edmund Fleck and Steffen Scholz (2011)

    English | Deutsch

Mono-Incineration of Sewage Sludge – Options for Cost-Effective Sludge Utilization with Andritz Ecodry Technology –

  • Klärschlamm-Monoverbrennung – Möglichkeiten zur wirtschaftlichen Schlammverwertung mit der Antritts ECODRY Technologie

    Klaus Trattner and Manfred Winter (2011)

    English | Deutsch

Thermal Production of Fertilizer from Organic Waste

  • Thermische Herstellung von Düngern aus organischen Abfällen

    Rainer Heiniger (2011)

    English | Deutsch

Phosphorus Recovery from Sewage Sludge

  • Phosphorrückgewinnung aus Klärschlamm

    Mario Mocker, Ingrid Löh and Fabian Stenzel (2011)

    English | Deutsch

Sequenced Bioleaching and Bioaccumulation of Phosphorus from Sludge Combustion – A New Way of Resource Reclaiming –

  • Bioleaching von Schwermetallen und selektive Biorückgewinnung von Phosphat aus Klärschlammasche

    Wolfgang Dott, Maxime Dossin and Petra Schacht (2011)

    English | Deutsch

Sewage Sludge Dewatering and Drying

  • Entwässerung und Trocknung von Klärschlamm

    Christian Schaum and Josef Lux

    English | Deutsch

Future Concepts of Sewage Sludge Management

  • Zukünftige Konzepte für Klärschlamm-Management

    Koncepcje zagospodarowania osadów sciekowych w przyszlosci

    Thomas Vollmeier and Paolo Foa (2011)

    English | Deutsch | Polski

Sewage Sludge Treatment in Warsaw – Current Situation in Poland –

  • Przeróbka osadów sciekowych w Warszawie – aktualna sytuacja w Polsce

    Aleksandra Cyganecka and Ireneusz Majszczyk (2011)

    English | Polski

Sewage Sludge Treatment in Large Cities Using the Example of Berlin

  • Klärschlammbehandlung in Großstädten am Beispiel von Berlin

    Ulrike Franzke (2011)

    English | Deutsch

Regional Disposal of Sewage Sludge Using the Example of the Canton of Zurich – Thermal Sewage Treatment Plant Zurich-Werdhoelzli –

  • Regionale Klärschlammentsorgung am Beispiel des Kantons Zürich – Klärschlammverwertungsanlage Zürich-Werdhölzli –

    Michael Wehrli (2011)

    English | Deutsch

Sewage Sludge Disposal in Switzerland

  • Die Verwertung und Entsorgung von Klärschlamm in der Schweiz

    Hans-Peter Fahrni (2011)

    English | Deutsch

Recovery of Metals from Combustion Residues

  • Gewinnung von Metallen aus Verbrennungsrückständen

    Ralf Koralewska (2011)

    English | Deutsch

Material Recycling of Mixed Commercial Waste in Austria

  • Stoffliche Verwertung von gemischten Gewerbeabfällen in Österreich

    Gernot Kreindl (2011)

    English | Deutsch

Innovations in Sorting Processes for Mixed Household Waste Regarding the Objectives of the National Waste Management Plan Poland 2014

  • Innowacje w procesie sortowania zmieszanych odpadów z gospodarstw domowych w kontekscie celów Krajowego Planu Gospodarki Odpadami 2014

    Mariusz Rajca (2011)

    English | Polski

Processing of Heterogeneous Waste Streams by NIR Sorting – Reflections on the Material-Specific Recovery based on selected M(B)T-Waste Streams –

  • Aufbereitung heterogener Abfallströme mittels NIR-Sortierung – Betrachtungen zur materialspezifischen Verwertung anhand ausgewählter Stoffströme aus M(B)-Behandlungsanlagen –

    Arne Michael Ragossnig, Manuel Sommer, Simone Maria Pieber and Martina Meirhofer (2011)

    English | Deutsch

Comminution – an Essential Component of Waste Treatment

  • Zerkleinerung – ein unverzichtbarer Bestandteil der Abfallbehandlung

    Donat Bösch (2011)

    English | Deutsch

Recovery of Recyclables from Municipal Solid Waste

Synergistic Effects by Thermal and Biological Waste Treatment Facilities at Integrated Sites

  • Synergieeffekte durch thermische und biologische Abfallbehandlung an integrierten Standorten

    Uwe Athmann, Werner P. Bauer, Thomas Kroner, Gerhard Meier and Peter Quicker (2011)

    English | Deutsch

The Berlin Biogas-Project – The Production of Biomethane from Organic Waste –

  • Berlins Verwertungskonzept für die Biotonne

    Alexander Gosten, Thomas Rücker and Wilhelm Winkelmann (2011)

    English | Deutsch

Optimising Composting Systems Through the Upstream Installation of a Dry Fermentation Stage – Technology, Operation, Economics –

  • Optimierung von Kompostierungsanlagen durch die Vorhaltung einer Trockvergärungsstufe – Technik, Betrieb, Wirtschaftlichkeit –

    Nils Oldhafer, Thomas Raussen and Michael Kern (2011)

    English | Deutsch

Operational Experience in Composting Green Wastes Using the Example of Lodz

  • Doswiadczenia w eksploatacji kompostowni odpadów zielonych na przykladzie Lodzi

    Bogdan Cieslikowski and Małgorzata B. Tomaszewska (2011)

    English | Polski

Pre-Processing, Handling and Co-Processing of Alternative Fuels in the Cement Industry

Coal-Fired Power Plants for Co-Incineration of SRF – Plants, SRF Quantities and Qualities, Operational Experience, Trends and Forecasts –

  • Kohlekraftwerke zur Mitverbrennung von EBS – Anlagen, EBS-Mengen und -Qualitäten, Betriebserfahrungen, Trends und Prognosen –

    Stephanie Thiel (2011)

    English | Deutsch

Solid Recovered Fuel Power Station Eisenhüttenstadt for the Energy Supply of a Paper Machine

  • Ersatzbrennstoffkraftwerk Eisenhüttenstadt zur Versorgung einer Papiermaschine

    Kai Redemann and Leo Homann (2011)

    English | Deutsch

Potential of Development of Mechanical-Biological Waste Treatment Plants in Germany

  • Entwicklungspotenzial von Mechanisch-Biologischen Abfallbehandlungsanlagen

    Michael Nelles, Michael Balhar, Jennifer Grünes and Sabine Flamme (2011)

    English | Deutsch

Processing of Waste to Alternative Fuel

  • Verarbeitung von Abfall zu Ersatzbrennstoff

    Michael Gursch (2011)

    English | Deutsch

Experience in the Operation of Mechanical-Biological Waste Treatment Plants – Report by the Operator of a German MBT Plant (Hannover) –

  • Erfahrungen beim Betrieb von mechanisch-biologischen Abfallbehandlungsanlagen – Bericht des Betreibers einer deutschen MBA (Hannover) –

    Beate Vielhaber and Roland Middendorf (2011)

    English | Deutsch

Mechanical-Biological Waste Treatment – Process Concepts, Technology, Problems –

  • Mechanisch-biologische Abfallbehandlung – Verfahrenskonzepte, Technik, Probleme –

    Stephanie Thiel and Karl J. Thomé-Kozmiensky (2011)

    English | Deutsch

Catalytic Denitrification – Energetically Optimised

  • Katalytische Entstickung – energetisch optimiert

    Christian Fuchs (2011)

    English | Deutsch

The SNCR-Procedure – A Proven Technology to Substancially Reduce NOX Emissions in Waste Incinerators –

  • Das SNCR-Verfahren – eine bewährte Technologie zur deutlichen NOX-Minderung bei Abfallverbrennungsanlagen –

    Zoltan Teuber (2011)

    English | Deutsch

The Importance of Pollution Control for the Acceptance of Waste Treatment Facilities

  • Die Bedeutung des Immissionsschutz für die Akzeptanz von Abfallbehandlungsanlagen

    Uwe Lahl and Barbara Zeschmar-Lahl (2011)

    English | Deutsch

Technical level of Cladding – Latest Developments –

  • Technischer Stand beim Schweißplatteren – neueste Entwicklungen –

    Wolfgang Hoffmeister and Arne Manzke (2011)

    English | Deutsch

Waste Heat Recovery Using the Example of Slag Fuming

Heat Recovery in Waste to Energy Plants

  • Odzysk ciepla w instalacjach tpok

    Tomasz Dobrzycki, Jerzy Mirosław and Witold Stogniew (2011)

    English | Polski

Innovative Concepts for Highly Efficient Energy-from-Waste Plants in the Netherlands

  • Innovative Konzepte für hocheffiziente Abfallverbrennungsanlagen in den Niederlanden

    Gerhard Lohe (2011)

    English | Deutsch

Better ROI and Lower Emissions – Smart Decisions Based on Energy Efficiency FactsReduce the Emissions and Improve Your OPEX –

  • Besserer ROI und geringere Emissionen – kluge Entscheidungen auf der Grundlage von Energieeffizienzdaten reduzieren die Emissionen und die Betriebskosten (OPEX) –

    Albert Bossart (2011)

    English | Deutsch

Integrated Waste Treatment including Residue Utilization

Advanced Thermal Treatment Technologies for Waste – Present State of the Art –

  • Zaawansowane Technologie Termicznej Utylizacji odpadów – Obecny Stan Wiedzy –

    Frans Lamers and Robert van Kessel (2011)

    English | Polski

Incineration Technology for Municipal and Industrial Waste Described by Way of Executed Projects

  • Verbrennungstechnologie für kommunale und industrielle Abfälle anhand ausgeführter Anlagen

    Gert Riemenschneider and Walter Schäfers (2011)

    English | Deutsch

Aspects of Layout Planning of Waste Incineration Plants and Solid Recovered Fuel Power Stations

  • Aspekte der Anordnungsplanung von Abfallverbrennungs- und Ersatzbrennstoff-Anlagen

    Falko Weber (2011)

    English | Deutsch

The International WTERT Council and WtERT Germany – International Network on Waste to Energy (WtE) –

  • Das international WTERT Netzwerk und WtERT Germany – Internationales Netzwerk im Bereich Waste to Energy (WtE) –

    Michael Jakuttis (2011)

    English | Deutsch

The Global WTERT Council and its Role in Advancing WTE Technologies

  • Die Förderung von Waste to Energy durch den globalen WTERT Rat

    Efstratios Kalogirou and Nickolas J. Themelis (2011)

    English | Deutsch

Experiences of a General Contractor in Turnkey Plant

  • Erfahrungen eines Generalunternehmers mit einem schlüsselfertigen Anlagenbau

    Christophe Cord’Homme, Stefano Costa and Hubert de Chefdebien (2011)

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Road Map for the Implementation of Waste Management Plans

  • Road Map für das Umsetzen von Abfallwirtschaftsplänen

    Luciano Pelloni (2011)

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Significance of Landfills in Modern Waste Management

  • Die zukünftige Rolle der Abfalldeponie in der zeitgemäßen Abfallwirtschaft

    Johann Fellner (2011)

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Overview of the Polish Waste-to-Energy Projects and their Perspectives

  • Übersicht über Projekte der Anlagen der thermischen Behandlung von Kommunalabfällen in Polen und Perspektiven ihrer Einführung

    Przeglad projektów instalacji termicznego przekstalcania odpadów komunalnych w Polsce – perspektywy wdrozenia

    Tadeusz Pająk (2011)

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The Role of Waste-to-Energy in Sustainable Waste Management

  • Rola spalarni odpadów z odzyskiem energii w zrównowazonej gospodarce odpadami

    Ferdinand Kleppmann and Marta Gurin (2011)

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The Role of Thermal Treatment in Integrated Waste Management Concepts

  • Die Rolle der thermischen Behandlung bei integrierten Abfallwirtschaftskonzepten

    Oktay Tabasaran (2011)

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Demand for MBT Installations in Poland for the Year 2020

  • Anforderungen an mechanisch-biologische Abfallbehandlungsanlagen in Polen für das Jahr 2020

    Popyt na instalacje MBT w Polsce w 2020 roku

    Andrzej Jędrczak (2011)

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Resources and Energy Management Grow Together

  • Ressourcen- und Energiewirtschaft wachsen zusammen

    Michael Jakuttis (2011)

    English | Deutsch

Recycling and Waste Incineration – Not a Contradiction –

  • Ver- und Entsorgung Recycling und Abfallverbrennung stellen keine Gegensätze dar

    Karl J. Thomé-Kozmiensky (2011)

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The Recycling Market in Poland

  • Rynek recyklingu w Polsce

    Grzegorz Hoppe (2011)

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The Polish Market for Municipal Waste Affords High Potentials

  • Siedlungsabfallwirtschat in Polen – Marktentwicklung bis 2020 und Strategien –

    Duzy potencjal rozwoju na polskim rynku odpadów komunalnych

    Sandra Biering, Dirk Briese and Hilmar Westholm (2011)

    English | Deutsch | Polski

The European Energy from Waste Market – Status and Perspectives

  • Der europäische Markt für Energie aus Abfall – Stand und Perspektiven

    Jörg Zunft and Birgit Fröhlig (2011)

    English | Deutsch

Investments in Poland – General Requirements and Funding

  • Inwestycje w Polsce – Wymogi ogólne oraz finansowanie

    Christian Schnell (2011)

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International Treaty Standards in Waste Management

  • Vertragsstandards im Bereich der Abfallwirtschaft

    Stefan Eder (2011)

    English | Deutsch

Recent Municipal Waste Management Legislation in Poland

  • 10 problemów prawnych zwiazanych z nowym systemem gospodarowania odpadami komunalnymi

    Dominik Wałkowski (2011)

    English |Polski

The Polish National Waste Management Plan 2014

  • Krajowy plan gospodarki odpadami Polska 2014

    Beata B. Kłopotek (2011)

    English | Polski

Liability of BREF/BAT-Documents for Waste Incineration

  • Verbindlichkeit der BREF/BAT-Dokumente für die Abfallverbrennung 

    Markus Gleis (2011)

    English | Deutsch

Implementation of the European Industrial Emissions Directive

  • Umsetzung der Europäischen Industrie-Emissionsrichtlinie

    Andrea Versteyl (2011)

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