Waste Management, Volume 7

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Editors: Karl J. Thomé-Kozmiensky, Stephanie Thiel, Elisabeth Thomé-Kozmiensky, Franz Winter, Dagmar Juchelková
Published: 2017
Language: English
ISBN: 978-3-944310-37-4
Pages: 568
Format/Layout: Hardcover with coloured illustrations

Table of Content

Policies and Strategies

Impact of EU Legislative Developments on the Waste-to-Energy Sector
Patrick Clerens and Natalia Walczak

Brexit – Effects on European Waste Management
Kirsten Berry

Waste Management Projects in Emerging Markets: Risks and their Minimization
Tobias Faber and Maria Koliasta

Think Global – Act Local: A Common Approach for International Projects and Local Markets
Andres Kronenberg

How Oxfordshire County (UK) Managed to Close Its Landfill with a Successful Association of Material-from-Waste and Energy-from-Waste Solutions
Christophe Cord‘homme

Waste Management 4.0 at the North/South/West/East Viewpoint
Dagmar Juchelková, Klaus Koppe and Helena Raclavská

Waste Management: A Playground for Utopians and Charlatans
Luciano Pelloni

Country Reports

What are the Preconditions and Drivers for the Development of Waste Management in a Country?
Ella Stengler and Maxime Pernal

Progress on Implementing an Advanced Waste Management System in the Czech Republic
Jaromír Manhart 

Problematic Development of Implementation of WTE Projects in Slovakia 
Juraj Musil, Emília Hroncová and Juraj Ladomerský 

Waste Management Situation and Perspectives in Bosnia and Herzegovina
Mehmed Cero, Irem Silajdžić and Sanda Midžić Kurtagić 

Waste-to-Energy Implementation and other Investment Opportunities in the Greek Waste Management Sector
Antonios Sakalis and Efstratios N. Kalogirou 

Waste Incineration

Revamping Projects in the Waste-to-Energy Boilers in Brussels, Paris and Rome
Agostino Calcagno, Joao Parente and Luigi Bagnoli 

Optimization of Plant Operation by Means of Technical Service
Michael Mück 

Approach to Optimize Energy Efficiency
Frédéric Aguesse, Maud Tacci and Damien Lebonnois 

Online Determination of Elementary and Fractional Waste Composition for Municipal Solid Waste Incineration Plants (MSWIP)
Tobias Widder, Michael Beckmann and Philip Reynolds 

Capturing of CO2 in Waste Incineration Plants towards Power2Fuel
Torsten Buddenberg and Christian Bergins 

Ulrich Martin and Axel Hanenkamp 

Early Fire Detection and Automatic Extinguishing in Waste-to-Energy Power Plants and Waste Treatment Plants
Albert Orglmeister 

Mechanical Biological Treatment and Solid Recovered Fuels

Planning, Construction and Operation of Mechanical-Biological Waste Treatment Plants – Experience Gained in International Projects –
Burkart Schulte 

Single Stage Processing of Waste for Cost Efficient RDF Production 
Josef Adam, Alexander Curtis, Roland Pomberger, Renato Sarc, Michael Lackner and Stefan Scheiflinger-Ehrenwerth 

High Calorific Fraction for Energy Recovery in Poland – an Overview of the Current Situation
Emilia den Boer 

Energy Recovery from High Calorific Fractions by Incineration – Together with Sewage Sludge in the Fluidized Bed Furnace in Simmeringer Haide
Friedrich Kirnbauer and Stephan Kraft 

Camera Based Optimization of Multi-Fuel Burners for the Use of Substitute Fuels in the Cement Industry
André Dittrich, Sina Keller, Markus Vogelbacher, Jörg Matthes,Patrick Waibel and Hubert B. Keller  

Pyrolysis and Gasification

Achieving a Closed Carbon & Circular Economy for the Waste Management Sector – Net Zero Emissions, Resource Efficiency and Conservation by Coupling the Energy, Chemical and Recycling Sectors –
Roh Pin Lee, Alexander Laugwitz, Florian Keller, Christian Wolfersdorf, Friedemann Mehlhose and Bernd Meyer 

Role of Pyrolysis in Distributed Town-Scale Energy Systems and Research Results from a Pre-commercial Facility Processing Waste-derived FeedstocksNelia Jurado Pontes, Mark Harradine, Shaun Gomm, E.J. Anthony and Stuart T. Wagland 

Status of Planning and Construction of Gasification Plants in the United Kingdom
Timothy Kast, Jim Starkey, Matthew Pierson and Michael L. Murphy 

Operating Experience from Japanese Waste Gasification Plants with Direct Melting System
Nobuhiro Tanigaki, Tomo Kashiwabara and Toshimi Nagata 

Flue Gas Treatment

SNCR Technology to Meet Challenging NOx Reduction Requirements 
Wolfgang Schüttenhelm and Philip Reynolds 

Low-Temperature SCR – Intelligent and Cost-Effective Regeneration without Excess Emissions –
Mario Marcazzan 

Flue Gas Cleaning in Waste-to-Energy – Best Available Technology –
Christian Fuchs 

Dry, Semi-dry or Wet – Which System Fits Best Depending on the Overall Conditions? –
Rüdiger Margraf 

Ready-to-use Sodium Bicarbonate in Flue Gas Treatment– Experience Feedback –
Jean-Pascal Balland 

Mercury Removal by Chemisorption
Wolfgang Esser-Schmittmann and Sandra Scheele 

Innovative Technical Solutions for Reduction of Waste Fuel Specific Emissions in Cement Plants
Renato Sarc, Roland Pomberger and Karl E. Lorber 

Materials and Corrosion

Get to Know the Corrosion Mechanisms in Waste-to-Energy Plants
Gabriele Magel 

Ceramic Coating in a High-Pressure WtE Steam Generator – Operational Experience in Zabalgarbi Plant in Bilbao –
Ildefonso Goikoetxea and Eddie Marcarian 

15 Years of Operating Experience with Thick Nickel Plating Electrolytic Nickel Coated Tubes in Waste Incineration Plants – Protection against Corrosion –
Jörg Eckardt