October 3, 2018 in Vienna

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Presentations for download:

Professor Dr. Franz-Georg Simon
Head of Division 4.3 Contaminant Transport and Environmental Technologies, Bundesanstalt für Materialforschung und -prüfung (BAM), Berlin, Germany

Resource Recovery from Incineration Bottom Ash: Basics, Concepts and Principles
Michal Šyc, Ph.D.
Department of Environmental Engineering, Institute of Chemical Process Fundamentals of AS CR, Prague, Czech Republic

Utilisation of IBA from Waste Incineration – Prospects and Limits
Jiri Hyks
Danish Waste Solutions ApS, Hørsholm, Denmark

Thermo-Recycling – Efficient Recovery of Valuable Materials from Dry Bottom Ash
Dr. Leo Morf
Chair of technical advisory board of ZAR, Switzerland, Senior Advisor, Office for waste-, water-, energy management and air protection, Zurich, Switzerland

Recovery of Resources in Bottom Ash – Semi Dry Concept –
Søren Dyhr-Jensen, M.Sc.
Development Manager, Afatek A/S, Copenhagen, Denmark

Wet Treatment of Aged, Wet Removed IBA from Waste Incineration (only as presentation)
Arjan Kok, B.Sc.
Boskalis Environmental B.V., Papendrecht, The Netherlands

Direct Wet Treatment of Fresh, Wet Removed IBA from Waste Incineration
Dipl.-Ing. Gerhard Stockinger
Brantner Environment Group GmbH, Krems, Austria

Mining Incinerator Bottom Ash for Heavy Non-Ferrous Metals and Precious Metals
Dr. Jan-Peter Born
Business Development – Waste-to-Energy, N.V. HVC, Alkmaar, Netherlands

Book of the forum:

Removal, Treatment and Utilisation of Waste Incineration Bottom Ash






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