September 18 and 19, 2017

EU Policies • Country Reports • Strategy • Funding

Technology of Waste Incineration • Energy Efficiency and Use
Experience with Materials and Corrosion • Flue Gas Treatment
Example Plants and Experiences in the Plant Construction and Operation
Mechanical-Biological Treatment • Utilization of Solid Recovered Fuels • Pyrolysis and Gasification

Scientific Chair

Professor Dr.-Ing. habil. Dr. h. c. Karl J. Thomé-Kozmiensky †

Professor Dr. Franz Winter
Vienna University of Technology, Institute of Chemical, Environmental & Biological Engineering, Austria

Professor Ing. Dagmar Juchelková, Ph. D.
Technical University of Ostrava (VŠB-TUO), Energy Engineering Department, Czech Republic

Programme Coordination

Dr.-Ing. Stephanie Thiel 
Scientific Director of TK Verlag Karl Thomé-Kozmiensky, Germany

Congress Organisation

Elisabeth Thomé-Kozmiensky, M.Sc.
Managing Director of TK Verlag Karl Thomé-Kozmiensky, Germany




September 18, 2017


  9:00         Welcome Address 

Professor Dipl.-Ing. Dr. techn. Franz Winter, Vienna University of Technology, Austria 

Opening Remarks 

Elisabeth Thomé-Kozmiensky, M.Sc. 

EU Policies and Developments

Presentation: Professor Dipl.-Ing. Dr. techn. Franz Winter

  9:15         The Commission’s Communication on Waste-to-Energy under the Energy Union

Jose Jorge Diaz del Castillo
Unit Waste Management & Secondary Materials
DG Environment, European Commission, Brussels, Belgium

  9:45         Brexit – Effects on European Waste Management

Kirsten Berry
Director of hendeca ltd, Witney, United Kingdom

10:15         What are the Preconditions and Drivers for the Development
of Waste Management in a Country?

Dr. Ella Stengler, Managing Director
CEWEP – Confederation of European Waste-to-Energy Plants e.V., Brussels, Belgium

10:45         Coffee Break

Country Reports

Presentation: Dr. Ella Stengler, Attorney Dr. Tobias Faber

11:30         United Kingdom

Shaun Gallagher, Director Environmental Quality
Department for Environment, Food & Rural Affairs, London, United Kingdom (enquired)

11:40         Progress on Implementing an Advanced Waste Management System
in the Czech Republic

Ing. Jaromír Manhart, Director of Department of Waste Management
Ministry of the Environment, Praha, Czech Republic

11:50         Problematic Development of Implementation of WtE Projects in Slovakia

Associate Professor Emília Hroncová
Matej Bel University, Department of Environmental Management, Banská Bystrica, Slovakia

12:00         Current Status, Waste Management Strategies and Planning in Slovenia

Director General Tanja Bolte, M.Sc., Environment Directorate
Ministry of the Environment and Spatial Planning, Ljubljana, Slovenia (enquired)

12:10         Waste Management Situation and Future Development in Croatia

Mihael Zmajlović, B. Econ.
Member of Parliament, Zagreb, Croatia

Dipl.-Ing. Dr. mont. Renato Sarc, Chair of Waste Processing Technology and Waste Management
University of Leoben, Austria 

12:20         Waste Management Situation and Perspectives in Bosnia and Herzegovina

Dr. sc. Mehmed Cero, Assistant Minister on Environment
Federal Ministry on Environment and Tourism, Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina

12:30         Waste Management Situation in India

Dr. Bindeshwar Pathak
Founder of Sulabh International, India (enquired)

12:40         Panel Discussion

13:30         Lunch Break


Presentation: Professor Ing. Dagmar Juchelková, Ph.D. 

15:00         Waste Management Projects in Emerging Markets: Risks and their Minimization

Attorney Dr. Tobias Faber
Hogan Lovells International LLP, Frankfurt am Main, Germany

15:30         Think Global – Act Local: a Common Approach for International Projects and Local Markets 

Andres Kronenberg, Vice President Marketing and Sales
Hitachi Zosen Inova AG, Zurich, Switzerland 

16:00         How Oxford County (UK) Managed to Close its Landfill with a Successful Association of Material-from-Waste and Energy-from-Waste Solutions

Christophe Cord'Homme, Business & Products Development Director
CNIM Constructions Industrielles de la Méditerranée S.A., Paris, France

16:30         Coffee Break

Presentation: Dr.-Ing. Stephanie Thiel

17:00         Waste Management 4.0 at the North/South/West/East Viewpoint

Professor Ing. Dagmar Juchelková, Ph.D., Energy Engineering Department
Technical University of Ostrava (VŠB-TUO), Czech Republic 

17:30         Waste Management: A Playground for Utopians and Charlatans

Dipl.-Chem.-Ing. Luciano Pelloni,
Waste Management Advice, Au, Switzerland


18:00         Application Requirements for Financial Funding
of Waste Management Projects in the EU

EU Research Department (enquired)

Champagne Reception

Evening Event


September 19, 2017


Example Plants and Experiences in the Plant Construction and Operation

Presentation: Secretary General Patrick Clerens, eswet

  8:30         Commissioning of the Waste-to-Energy Plant Copenhagen,
First Experience and Integration into the District Heating Network

Lars Juel Rasmussen, Project Manager
ARC – I/S Amager Ressourcecenter, Copenhagen, Denmark (enquired)

  9:00         Waste Incineration Plant Flötzersteig
– Technology, Operational Data and Energy Use –

Dipl.-Ing. Dr. Michael Kotschan
Plant manager of the thermal waste treatment plants Spittelau/Flötzersteig
Wien Energie GmbH, Vienna, Austria (enquired)

  9:30         Revamping Projects in the Waste-to-Energy Boilers in Brussels, Paris and Rome

Agostino Calcagno, Chief Executive Officer
Ph.D. Eng. Joao Parente, Project Engineer, Eng. Luigi Bagnoli, Thermal Engineer
Ruths S.p.A., Genova, Italy 

10:00         Optimization of Plant Operation by Means of Technical Service

Dipl.-Ing. Michael Mück, Process Technology
Steinmüller Babcock Environment GmbH, Gummersbach, Germany

10:30         Coffee Break

Presentation: Dipl.-Ing. Klaus-Günther Zink

11:00         Suez Approach to Optimise Energy Efficiency

Frédéric Aguesse, Vice President of Technical Center EfW SUEZ
SUEZ Environment, Paris, France

11:30         Industrial Steam Network  

Jan-Kees De Voogd, Regional Business Development Manager MSW
Indaver nv, Mechelen, Belgium (enquired)

12:00         Optimisation of a Combustion Control System
– Case Study Waste Incineration Plant Spittelau –

Dipl.-Ing. Michael Hoven, Frank Oellers
Mitsubishi Hitachi Power Systems Europe GmbH, Duisburg, Germany

12:30         Lunch Break

Presentation: Professor Dipl.-Ing. Dr. techn. Helmut Rechberger 

14:00         Online Determination of Elementary and Fractional Waste Composition
for Municipal Solid Waste Incineration Plants

Dipl.-Ing. Tobias Widder, Professor Dr.-Ing. Michael Beckmann
Technical University Dresden, Germany 

Dipl.-Ing. Philip Reynolds
Managing Director of ERC Technik GmbH, Buchholz i.d.N., Germany

14:30         Impact of the Increased Fraction of Industrial Waste
on the Emissions from Waste-to-Energy Plants

Assistant Professor Dr.-Ing. Federico Vigano
Politecnico di Milano, Department of Energy, Milan, Italy
LEAP – Laboratorio Energia e Ambiente Piacenza, Italy

Alessandro Cerrano, M.Sc.
Politecnico di Milano, Department of Energy, Milan, Italy

Recycling of Incineration Residues

15:00         Key Note Lecture: Thermo-Recycling

Dipl.-Ing. Ulrich Martin, Managing Director 

Dr. Axel Hanenkamp, Head department manager technology
Martin GmbH für Umwelt- und Energietechnik, Munich, Germany

15:30         Final Coffee Break


Alternative Waste-to-Energy Processes

Mechanical(-Biological) Waste Treatment
and Energy Recovery from Solid Recovered Fuels

Presentation: Dipl.-Ing. Dr. mont. Renato Sarc

  8:30         Planning, Construction and Operation of Mechanical-Biological Waste Treatment Plants
– Experience Gained in International Projects –

Dipl.-Ing. Burkart Schulte
Vice-Chairman of the Board of Center for Research, Education and Demonstration
in Waste Management (CReED) e.V.

  9:00         High Calorific Fraction for Energy Recovery in Poland
– an Overview of the Current Situation –

Assistant Professor Dr.-Ing. Emilia den Boer
Section of Waste Technology and Land reclamation
Wroclaw University of Science and Technology, Poland 

  9:30         Single Stage Processing of Waste for Cost Efficient RDF Production

Ing. Mag. Michael Lackner
Managing Director of Lindner-Recyclingtech GmbH, Spittal/Drau, Austria

10:00         Camera Based Optimization of Multi-Fuel Burners for the Use of Substitute Fuels
in the Cement Industry

Dr.-Ing. André Dittrich, Head of Industrial Projects
ci-tec GmbH, Karlsruhe, Germany

Dr. Hubert B. Keller
Karlsruher Institut für Technologie (KIT), Eggenstein-Leopoldshafen, Germany 

10:30         Coffee Break

Presentation: Professor Dipl.-Ing. Dr. techn. Karl E. Lorber

11:00         Hot Disc Technology for Co-Incineration of Coarse Substitute Fuels
– Operational Experience at the Rohožník Cement Plant –

Juraj Cíž
Managing Director of ecorec Slovensko s.r.o., Pezinok, Slovakia

11:30         Innovative Technical Solutions for Reduction of Waste Material Specific Emissions
in Cement Plants

Dipl.-Ing. Dr. mont. Renato Sarc, Professor Dipl.-Ing. Dr. mont. Roland Pomberger
Chair of Waste Processing Technology and Waste Management
University of Leoben, Austria

Pyrolysis and Gasification

12:00         Alternative Thermal Treatment Technologies for Municipal Solid Waste
– Overview of Gasification and Pyrolysis Processes, their Status and Performance –

Bettina Kamuk, Global Market Director
Ramboll Group A/S, Copenhagen, Denmark (enquired)

12:30         Lunch Break

Presentation: Professor Dipl.-Ing. Dr. techn. Harald Raupenstrauch

14:00         Achieving a Closed Carbon and Circular Economy for the Waste Management Sector
– Net Zero Emissions, Resource Efficiency and Conservation
through a Coupling of the Energy, Chemical and Recycling Sectors –

Dipl.-Ing. Friedemann Mehlhose, Technologies for Solid Fuels Gasification Research Group Leader
Professor Dr.-Ing. Bernd Meyer, Institute Director
Dr. Roh Pin Lee, Technology Assessment Research Group Leader
Florian Keller, M.Sc., Dipl.-Ing. Christian Wolfersdorf, Dipl.-Wi.-Ing. Alexander Laugwitz
Institute of Energy Process Engineering and Chemical Engineering
TU Bergakademie Freiberg, Germany

14:30         Status of Planning and Construction of Gasification Plants in the United Kingdom
Mike Murphy, Head of Technology
Outotec Inc., Coeur d'Alene, USA (enquired)

15:00         Operating Experience from Japanese Waste Gasification Plants
with Direct Melting System 

Nobuhiro Tanigaki, M.Sc., Chief Technical Manager
Nippon Steel & Sumikin Engineering Co., LTD. 

15:30         Final Coffee Break


Flue Gas Treatment

Presentation: Dr. ir. Robert van Kessel

  8:30         Key Note Lecture: Air Pollutant Emissions and their Control
with the Focus on Waste Incineration Facilities

Dr.-Ing. Margit Löschau
Managing Director of wandschneider + gutjahr ingenieurgesellschaft mbh, Hamburg, Germany

  9:00         Low-Temperature SCR with Intelligent and Cost-Effective Regeneration
without Excess Emissions

Mario Marcazzan
Technical Director of Vinci Environnement, Rueil-Malmaison Cedex, France

  9:15         SNCR Technology to Meet Challenging NOx-Reduction Requirements 

Dr.-Ing. Wolfgang Schüttenhelm
Managing Director of ERC Technik GmbH, Buchholz i.d.N., Germany

  9:30         Flue Gas Cleaning in Waste-to-Energy
– Best Available Technology –

Dipl.-Ing. Christian Fuchs, Deputy Managing Director and Sales Manager
LAB GmbH, Stuttgart, Germany

  9:45         Dry, Semidry or Wet – Which System Fits Best Depending on the Overall Conditions? 

Dipl.-Ing. Ruediger Margraf
Managing Partner of LUEHR FILTER GmbH & Co. KG, Stadthagen, Germany

10:00         Discussion

10:30         Coffee Break

Presentation: Dr.-Ing. Margit Löschau

11:15         Experience with Ground Sodium Bicarbonate

Dr.-Ing. Jean-Pascal Balland, Dipl.-Ing. Kai Sartorius
Solvay Chemicals GmbH, Rheinberg, Germany

11:30         Mercury Removal by Chemisorption

Dr.-Ing. Wolfgang Esser-Schmittmann
Managing Director of Carbon Service & Consulting GmbH & Co. KG, Vettweiß, Germany 

11:45         Mercury Accident at the Stuttgart Waste Incineration Plant in September 2015
– Cause, Countermeasures and Prevention of Future Incidents – 

Dr. Christian Gabriel, Head of Maintenance
EnBW, RMHKW Stuttgart, Germany

12:00         Discussion

12:30         Lunch Break