Additional Day – 16. October 2019

Basics • Best Practice Lighthouse Projects Vivid Exchange of Information

The seminar is hold with international experts from Carbon Capture and Utilisation. Every aspect from preparation to product finishing will be covered by the most prominent representatives of this young but promising industry which is more frequent requested to implement regulatory requirements on one hand, but also offers improvements in altering business modells and ecomics of waste incinerators on the other hand. A special focus is laid upon CO2 to methanol as economical promising and industrial available technology.

Following five main sections will be pursued:

1. General Introduction with Legal and Technological Overview

2. Best Practice CO2 Capture from the flue gas 
    • Mobile Test Unit since 2009, including Klemetsrud WtE in Oslo, Norway 
    • Twence Waste-to-Energy Plant in Hengelo, Netherlands

3. Best Practice CO2 Utilization 
    • Business Case and market development for Waste Incinerators 
    • Flexible CO2 to methanol synthesis • Pre-Basic Engineering ZASt plant, Germany

4. Hydrogen Supply for CCU 
    • Best Practice 
    • State of the Art Alkaline Electrolysis on pressure level of methanol synthesis

5. Development CCUS project at Waste Incinerators in Fredrikstad, Norway

▸ 9:15 Perspectives and challenges for building the CCU industry in Europe Damien Dallemagne, Secretary General CO2 Value Europe AISBL, Brussels, Belgium 
▸ 10:00 COMarkets and CCU Technologies Achim Raschka, Head of Technology & Markets Department nova-Institut für politische und ökologische Innovation GmbH, Hürth, Germany 
▸ 10:45 COto Methanol Synthesis and Catalyst Christian Schweitzer bse Engineering Leipzig GmbH and tbn from BASF, Leipzig, Germany 
▸ 11:45 Innovative Modular Carbon Capture Plants for Waste Incineration Industry Oscar Graff, Vice President, Head of CCUS Aker Solutions AS, Lysaker, Norway 
▸ 13:15 Best Practice Elecriticity Usage for CCU Christopher Braatz, Business Development Manager McPhy Energy Deutschland GmbH, Wildau, Germany 
▸ 14:00 CCUS Feasibility Study Rune Dirdal, Managing Director Kvitebjørn Bio-El AS, Fredrikstad, Norway

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